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An inviting garden for large parties, bird habitat and seasonal interest

The bare back half of this large property had been walled off and was thoroughly uninviting. The homeowners wanted a water feature to attract birds and an extra-large patio for entertaining large groups.  I opened up the garden by designing a natural looking 60’ stream running by a fire circle along with meandering paths to entice people off of the patio into the garden. Now there are views into the garden, bird habitat, and guests can enjoy strolling through the garden or sitting around the open fire. Stonework & water feature: Emerald Stone Masonry / Installation and maintenance: Changing Landscapes, Inc. 


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Contemporary Mid-Century ADA Accessible
I designed the entry and patio to be seamlessly ADA accessible while honoring  the contemporary lines of this mid-century home. Lots of natives were used to create a private, low maintenance, and lawn free garden.


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Backyard Haven with no lawn!

This small garden was transformed from an uninviting patch of lawn to a welcome refuge. Sitting areas and paths surrounded with varied plants create an excuse to linger. Installation: Nature Safe Landcare


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A Steep Hillside with a Touch of Whimsy
This back garden was all blackberries with no access. I designed the steps, walls and terraces to create a welcoming back garden, a sitting area and places to garden with out rolling down the hill. Stonework: Emerald Stone Masonry / Art glass: Andrew Holmberg / Sculpture: Ivan McLean


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A Shade Garden with a Japanese feel
This shady corner lot was all lawn, with a few existing trees and no path. I was asked to create an entry garden, preserve a large area of lawn for the children and design a wide walkway around the house. The garden was to have a “Japanese feel” without being a formal Japanese garden – one that would compliment the architecture of the home. Installation: Dennis’ 7 Dees

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Sellwood Oasis
I was hired to transform a small exposed lot into a welcoming private English garden. The large garage and driveway needed to be minimized, while a pond, french doors and back porch needed to be added.


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Graceful Entertaining
This graceful and exuberant garden is a constant gathering place for large and small parties. A shady sitting area under treelike rhododendrons allows refuge while paths beckon you to explore the garden.

I created a landscape plan to be installed over time by the homeowners, taking advantage of the mature plants, pruning, editing out, or adding where needed. Years after I had the owners plant 3 upright Japanese maples in the middle of their front lawn, the neighbors finally understood why, when a graceful entry path surrounded with seasonal plants was installed between the welcoming trees. Installation and maintenance: The homeowners!


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